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Organization structures, processes, systems and practices that worked well in the past are often inadequate for meeting tomorrow's challenges.  We assist executives in assessing the business and organizational environment, benchmarking against successful leading-edge firms, preparing their organizations for change, and then implementing strategies to create more productive, responsive and innovative organizations that exceed client expectations. We help:

  • Craft compelling client-focused visions, goals and strategies

  • Redesign business processes

  • Establish client-focused, flexible organization arrangements

  • Develop performance measures for strong accountability

  • Develop empowered, client-focused teams

  • Build internal and external partnerships

  • Establish practices that foster continuous innovation and learning


Successful leaders must continuously upgrade their skills to address complex challenges and opportunities, while at the same time creating an environment in which their staff can do the same.  We assist by:

  • Strengthening the effectivenes of leadership teams

  • Coaching leaders

  • Enhancing leadership perspectives and skills in such areas as strategic and entrepreneurial thinking, coaching, developing staff, empowering others, dealing with conflicts, managing change and transformtion, managing priorities, building trusting relationships, and team building.


Although most executives know that teamwork is essential for top organizational performance, fully realizing the potential of teams -especially those that are far-flung and extend beyond the organization's borders - can be challenging.  We help organizations reap groundbreaking results by creating team-based organizations focused on delivering outstanding client service by:

  • Building team-based organizations with appropriate systems, structures, processes, performance measures, culture and leadership styles

  • Facilitating team start-ups and tune-ups

  • Enhancing team skills and team leader effectiveness

  • Assessing overall progress and taking corrective actions


Effective business / technology integration requires trusting partnerships at all levels.  We assist organizations in creating and sustaining such partnerships, including:

  • Creating effective IT governance structures and processes

  • Building and enhancing working partnership structures and relationships built on credibility and trust

  • Developing practices for ensuring that IT strategy anticipates changing business conditions

  • Facilitating the identification of high payoff areas for IT investments.


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