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"Madeline consulted with me on an organizational re-shaping of the organization I lead.  Under her wise and forthright influence, what might have been a simple reorganization of structure and responsibilities​ turned out instead to be a thorough re-shaping of our mission and priorities, from which followed structural changes to best support the new mission.  This led to a transformation of the organization.  Our subsequent productivity and morale are the envy of our broader organization."


                                                                               Molly Olivari, National Institute of Mental Health

"Madeline is a great listener and provides excellent, useful feedback.  She organized a successful retreat for me and my new management team that build cohesion and developed strategies for working together more effectively.  She also facilitated a division-wide retreat for me that included 50+ people, was highly interactive, and produced tangible and actionable results.  I value Madeline's perspective and I truly enjoy working with her."


                                                                                  Ann McPhail, International Monetary Fund​
























"Madeline Weiss is a natural leader with superb communication and interpersonal skills.  She always produces excellent results.  I have known her for 25 years as a professional colleague and we worked together when I served as Chief Executive of the Society for Information Management.  Madeline is an insightful, diplomatic and dedicated person highly respected throughout the industry.  Most importantly, she is a kind and wonderful person with a deep understanding of and empathy for others."


                 Wendell Jones, former Chief Executive of the Society for Information Management

"Madeline is a talented leadership facilitator.  She has a natural manner and ability to guide group discussion and self learning across challenging leadership topics and real life situations.  The Regional Leadership Forum enables IT professionals to enhance and develop leadership styles through personal interaction and sharing, thought provoking reading and student presentations.  The program is a journey that requires skilled leaders like Madeline, who inspire trust and student commitment.  I am grateful for the experience and I appreciate Madeline's dedication and mentoring."


                                                                                           Brenda Geary, Campbell Soup Company


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